Passion, Purpose & Sustainability

Capital Motion LLC advises executives and boards whose organizations are at dynamic inflection points. Our clients include charitable nonprofits, mission-driven organizations and investment firms, and other private sector businesses.

Engagements focus on growth and expansion, organizational and financial sustainability, structuring and building boards, mergers and partnerships, and mission-aligned investing. Every organization faces inflection points; we look forward to hearing about yours.

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Special Needs Financial Services Institute™ (SNFSI™)

Pooled Special Needs Trust (PSNT) Intelligence and Services

Disability impacts 1:7 Americans directly and touches many more lives indirectly. Lifetime costs to support a person with a disability are significant; planning, financial tools, resources, programs, and intergenerational support are all critical to a successful outcome. While 13% of the population face this situation, need exceeds the availability of products, services, and support.

More than one hundred 501(c)(3) nonprofits around the country administer Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNTs), providing stewardship of beneficiary assets and other important services to people with disabilities. These organizations and the programs they offer can be a meaningful part of a complete special needs life and financial plan.

SNSFI™ researches, evaluates, and ranks pooled special needs trust administrators.

This information supports Pooled Special Needs Trust leadership in their work with timely resources and services relevant to the national breadth and scope of the industry. Intelligence and services include national provider maps, business and governance model optimization, investment reviews, and support for evolving products and services.

This intelligence is similarly valuable financial services and other allied professionals who would like to thoughtfully conduct due diligence and identify PSNT programs that best fit their clients’ and organization’s needs

We offer:

  • Scorecard-based & custom research nationally and by region
  • Industry information including costs and fees
  • Trust Administrator revenue development
  • Trust Administrator operational effectiveness
  • Board of Director and leadership onboarding programs
  • Keynotes, speaking engagements & workshops

Let us know if your needs are other than what is listed here.

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FastTrack Strategic (Business) Plan

Looking for a strategic/business plan or update at a fraction of the usual cost without taking hours and hours of staff and Board time? You’re in good company! Our FastTrack Strategic Plan is a streamlined approach that lets you create the plan you need with a financial and time investment that is right for you.

One fee includes:

  • Professional tools and resources you use to assemble your team and gather all necessary information for review and discussion
  • A professionally planned, managed, and facilitated one-day strategy session that delivers a strategic/business plan for your team and organization
  • Access to additional support on-demand
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