What Makes Capital Motion Different

Capital Motion LLC is a boutique firm that provides high-quality, experienced, professional consulting and engagement management services. Clients benefit from our track record of success and from our proven, hands-on ability to bring initiatives and people successfully and productively across the finish line.

Our approach is grounded in facts and data, and we are consistently sensitive to people and human impact. We are known for our strategic thinking and our ability to simultaneously see and intelligently and effectively address the tactical implications of major changes – planned or not. We are not bound by we’ve-always-done-it-this-way-ism, particularly when it is hampering positive forward motion. Nor do we favor disruption for the sake of disruption; our goal is to help you achieve your goals with balance.

One of the most important things to know about our work is that we are not a pronounce-and-dash firm; we work with our executive clients to create thoughtful, fact- and data driven-plans and programs and partner with them during implementation for as long as that is effective and helpful.

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