Board Development

Board Development work nourishes charitable nonprofits by ensuring that Boards function at their peak. Each Board, because it is made up of individuals and interacts uniquely with its partner leadership team, achieves that level of peak performance in a way that is specific to itself.

We work with Boards and leadership teams to ensure that Boards do indeed operate at that peak performance. The work we do with Boards and leadership teams to achieve that peak performance can include:

  • Developing/structuring a new board from scratch
  • Board retreats
  • Ambassadorship program development
  • Position description development
  • Evaluations
  • Alignment of bylaws with governance/job descriptions
  • Setting boards up for recruiting success
  • Annual meetings

Board Development is not usually an “emergency.” There is, however, a significant opportunity cost to an underperforming Board – in terms of governance risk, reduced fundraising, leadership vacuums, and more. Avoid the Inaction Penalty Dynamic by actively supporting your Board’s development.