Beyond Fundraising: Board Members as Mission & Organization Ambassadors

Originally offered by The Foundation for MetroWest’s Center for Philanthropy Education and Capital Motion.

There are two primary areas of focus for nonprofit Boards that are critical to organizational success. The first, governance, has a set of defined responsibilities and accountabilities that comes with its own set of challenges. The second area includes development and fundraising, and can and should include many other substantial community-facing activities. We describe this area as Ambassadorship. To position your nonprofit for continuous improvement of sustainable Board and Leadership team dynamics and mission delivery, join us for this workshop designed to help Board members and nonprofit leaders create meaningful structure and impact for the Board Ambassadorship role in your organization.

Learning Objectives: This workshop gives attendees tools and materials that effectively define and successfully support the Ambassadorship role of Board members for your mission and organization, including:

  • Identifying Board Ambassadorship priorities
  • Achieving Ambassadorship goals as Board members and as a Board/executive leadership team
  • Tools for supporting Board members in achieving personal and community fundraising goals

Who should attend: Nonprofit staff and/or leaders who are responsible for managing board recruitment and relations; Board members