Optimizing Your Board with Skills, Talent, & Passion

Originally offered by The Foundation for MetroWest’s Center for Philanthropy Education and Capital Motion.

A well-functioning Board doesn’t just happen; it is brought together deliberately. This practical and interactive workshop helps nonprofit and Board leadership identify opportunities for adding specific skills, talent, and passion to their Boards and addresses specific steps to take to make that happen. This workshop is ideal for those seeking to build a Board that both works well together and in concert with nonprofit leadership to drive long-term organizational growth and sustainability through a variety of business and market cycles. Who should attend: Nonprofit staff and/or leaders who are responsible for managing board recruitment and relations; Board members.

This workshop gives attendees the tools and materials to evaluate and address their own Board needs in several important areas, including:

  • Skill, knowledge, and talent inventories for identifying new Board members
  • Position description development and formats
  • Board structure options including size, committees, fiduciary boards and volunteer boards
  • Evaluating and understanding fundraising skills in prospective Board members
  • Recruiting processes including candidate identification, evaluation, selection and onboarding